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I have been part of a very exciting project in BBC Radio & Music interactive. The project was lead by Tom Coates and the team was made up of myself, Tristan Ferne, Helen Crowe, Paul Clifford and Bronwyn Van Der Merwe. The project is best summed up by Tom at plasticbag.

I am resposible for the Flash interface part of the project and am very pleased with the feedback it has got from fellow Flash developers and the wider web community. I learned a great deal in the short amount of time I spent developing the app and there isn’t a significant amount of work which needs to be done before it is a fully usable interface. Helen’s JavaScript skills allowed us to use Flash only where necessary and provides communication from the database, through Flash, to the page. As a team we recognised the power of Flash but also that it should not be over-used.

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  • 8:10 am, 6th December 2005

Hi Chris,

I’m working on a similar project, using similar tools: Flash and PHP, with a sniff of WordPress and AMFPHP to gum it all together.

I’m interested in finding out how you visualise the waveform in flash, although I suspect you are rasterising this using other tools. I’m having trouble finding a mail address on your blog to contact you directly to talk about this; could you get in touch with me, dave at dave mee dot com (so spaces, turn words to punctuation)

Best (and good job too!)

Dave Mee

  • 10:19 am, 30th August 2006

It’s a shit hot/top notch piece of work, Chris — you should be asking for a raise very soon.

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