Xbox 360 and iPod interoperability

When I first read that the forth-coming Xbox 360 would allow me to stream music off my iPod I was surprised and excited. Up until then I was dreading the thought of having to rip my favourite tracks on to the 360′s hard drive (something which seemed to take forever on Xbox). It turns out interoperability between Microsoft’s new games machine and Apple’s market-leading audio player is not as straight forward as it first sounded. Songs purchased through iTunes will not stream to the 360 due to Apple’s DRM system. This seems like a shame as the 360 will not be allowed to copy songs, merely play them – its much like playing your iPod through your stereo whilst playing a game. This won’t affect me at the moment at least because I have only purchased one song from the iTunes music store.

Along with full Media Centre extender functionality the Xbox 360 will also stream music from any Windows XP SP2 machine on the same LAN. Will iTunes-purchased music stream in this senario? Either way its another great feature as far as I can see and keeps the hard drive free for other things.

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