• 5:19 am, 10th November 2005
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Web 2.0

In the last few weeks I have learned community is more important than technology attempting to encourage it or use it. Tom’s write up of our Annotable Audio project has made me realise that new technologies which attempt to utilise social networks gain imensely from being developed with the people who are most likely to use them. The talk of Web 2.0 and what it implies is very exciting. There are obvious examples of companies making their survices available through APIs with early exposure through public betas (Google Local, Flickr…) and I can’t help but feel the BBC could benefit so much from doing the same.

We have backstage which provides a resource of our news feeds and experimental TV-Anytime feeds and BBC Open Sourcewhich provides information about our open source software projects. I would also love to see a public website which showcased the web-based widgets and services we are working on. Somewhere people could go and play and give us priceless input into the development process. As we move towards a more joined-up web this input will become invaluable.

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