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In a couple of weeks I will be returning to the development of the Annotatable Audio project at BBC Radio and Music. We spent a lot of time investigating how best to render audio for playback and editing. Today Tristan pointed me at Google’s share price graph widget, a Flash visualisation of recent stock activity. They have done much the same thing we have in using two views and I like how they update the HTML text view as you scroll around the graph – we could apply something similar for audio segments.

Odeo have also used Flash in building their audio player and editor. Here’s an interesting example about corporate blogging featuring the father of Annotatable Audio Tom Coates.

And there’s always the fridayforward radio :-)

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  • 5:33 am, 28th March 2006

The continuation of the Audio Annotation project is very, very good news! I’m a music teacher and forsee some terrific possibilities for using this tool (or one similiar) to provide students with feedback on their playing. Really great stuff! Thanks so much!
How do I keep up to date on the project? Is there a feed for the whole team? I’ll be watching this one of course!

  • 7:15 am, 28th March 2006
Chris Bowley

Things have come on since the first phase of development and I believe the plan is to have a working ‘beta’ version up and running asap. As far as keeping up to date with the project, I’m not sure how it will be advertised. It may be done through and I’ll make available what information I can. Tristan will be talking about the project at XTech in May and has posted a summary of his speech on his site.

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