• 9:01 am, 28th March 2006
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Blogger ampersand bug?

I was looking at the feed to my site today and realised one of my posts was garbled. All the HTML had spilled out all over the nice atom XML as character references. I tried republishing the offending post but no matter what I tried it didn’t make any difference. In the end I thought it might be the ampersand in a URL forcing Blogger to format the post explicitly. I removed it and hey presto it worked.

This isn’t the most exciting way to spend an hour or two and I’m not completely sure whether I’m right but it looks like Blogger has a problem with ampersands… so I’m going to avoid them from now on. This process also made me realise how my site is read and by the looks of things the feed it much more important than I first thought. May be I shouldn’t have spent so much time messing around with css…

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