• 1:39 am, 9th May 2006
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Sony revise the PS3

At E3 last year, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft announced their plans for the ‘next generation’. It was clear that Microsoft would launch first with the Xbox 360 and Sony famously announced the next generation does not start until we say it does. Following this year’s E3 Sony press conference it appears that Sony have waited to launch the PS3 in order to ‘borrow’ innovative ideas from both the Xbox 360 and recently renamed Nintendo Wii consoles. The next generation doesn’t start when Sony says it does, it starts when they have had time to poach ideas from their competitors.

The controversial original PS3 ‘boomerang’ controller has been ditched in favour of what looks like a Dual-Shock with player indicators and PlayStation ‘home’ button (a la Xbox 360) and 6 degrees of motion sensing (a la Nintendo Wii).

Are Sony bringing more to the next generation than just brute power?

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