• 7:48 am, 15th September 2006
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On the playlist

Following Scheer and Hinterland, I have found another female-fronted-rock-band to sit on top of my playlist. The band in question are Howling Bells and their debut CD shares their name.

Howling Bells

The record was produced by the man at the controls for Coldplay, Ken Nelson. I’m not the biggest Coldplay fan but he has certainly done a good job. There are a couple of songs which share noises with Thom Yorke‘s The Eraser and Radiohead‘s Kid A. The end of Howling Bell’s opening track The Bell Hit fades in much the same way Atoms For Peace fades into And It Rained All Night on Thom Yorke’s record while Setting Sun shares a guitar riff with Kid A’s How To Disappear Completely. This is as much as the artists have in common but its not a bad place from which to be taking influence.

Overall Howling Bells is a punchy record with catchy songs which I for one have found very difficult to take off my playlist.

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