BBC Radio Player + Yahoo! widget

UPDATE: I’ve updated the Yahoo! Widget and built one for OS X. Read all about it.

We all love But you can’t update your profile with songs as you listen to the radio.. until now. We have built a Yahoo! Widget which does just that. Sign in to your account and choose a BBC Radio station – Radio 1, Radio 2, 6 Music or 1Xtra – and the widget will display the current track along with some similar / recommended artists. The current track will be uploaded to your profile automatically (but you can always opt-out), or you can manually add each track.

BBC Radio widget

This is still an experiment / prototype / beta so I can’t guarantee that it will behave itself or that the service will continue, but please have a play and let me know what you think.

As the widget requires communication with multiple sources asynchronously I created an Ajax class which allocates an XMLHttpRequest object for each request and releases it once the call has returned. Feel free to unwrap the widget and dissect the code…

BBC Radio Player + Yahoo! widget

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  • 7:13 am, 17th November 2006

I love this idea! However, I would prefer it as a Dashboard widget so I don’t need to run the Yahoo Widget Engine just for this widget. Any chance of you porting it?

Also, would be great if the radio player was embedded – when I tried it, it opened my real player as well. Don’t know if this is something to do with my config, but it works well with my normal Dashboard radio player:

  • 9:56 am, 20th November 2006
Chris Bowley

Thanks for that. Yeah, I did start looking into porting it to the OSX dashboard but the systems are so different I had to put it on hold. I have the code started and will hopefully get back to it in the near future.

I will also have a look at keeping Real Player hidden on the Mac – it doesn’t happen on Windows – but meanwhile feel free to edit the code yourself if you want to get your hands dirty!

  • 5:45 am, 22nd November 2006

I hope you find time to finish the port at some point :)

Unfortunately I’ve never touched widget code of either kind so this would probably be a bit beyond me. Might have a go if I can find a spare weekend or something…

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