• 2:12 pm, 4th March 2007
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3D flash logo

Flash on the Beach was a great conference and the session which left me most inspired was Seb Lee-Delisle‘s on the basics of 3D in Flash. I took Seb’s example ActionScript 2 and built a simple 3D engine in AS3, as much an experiment with AS3 and open source compiliation as 3D in Flash. My recent MacBook purchase caused it to take a little longer to get something working but my first results are now ready.

Click and drag to rotate the logo.

The SWF reads a couple of XML files which configure the camera position and field of view and specify the structure and layout of the objects. You can toggle the amount of perspective blur and I left in the ability to highlight each letter which was useful during debugging z-ordering.

Developing AS3 in Eclipse on the Mac is made much easier thanks to Steve Nelson’s ANT build template (which Keith Peters has posted on BIT-101). There is still no code highlighting or hinting a la FlashDevelop for OS X but at least you can avoid using terminal to compile your code.

I’m going to tidy up my 3D classes and will hopefully post them up soon.

  • 4:18 am, 3rd March 2007
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How much is your site worth?

Domain Name Scoop logoDomain Name Scoop is a neat service which simply aggregates information about your web site. It will tell you your page rank, the number of pages which link to you and how much your domain is worth, along with some more statistics. Its not worth me bragging about FridayForward being worth USD433 but if your site has slightly more impressive stats, you can display a small report on your blog.


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