• 3:33 am, 12th April 2007
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Radio 1 nominated for 2 Webbys

BBC Radio 1 has been nominated for 2 Webbys. Some might say its all down to the SMS tag cloud on the homepage… Don’t know who though.

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  • 2:40 pm, 13th April 2007
James Cridland

Virgin Radio, too, has a Webby nomination, and we’re competing with BBC Radio 1 on the radio category.

Obviously, I’d rather you http://www.virginradio.co.uk/vote_for_us/ but given that NPR are currently romping away with the radio award (we’re second), it would be nice to bring this award back to Britain.

  • 1:02 pm, 17th April 2007

And BBC Electric Proms is nominated for Best Event. Maybe that had something to do with the nice flash video preview it had on its homepage.

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