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  • Sony has introduced a new cut-price and cut-featured PS3
    And I thought Microsoft had confused the issue by selling Xbox 360′s with and without hard drives. The new 40GB PS3 will have limited connectivity and no backward compatibility and will sell for £300. I guess so long as the games play exactly the same it doesn’t matter..?
  • After raking in USD 300 Million from Halo 3, Bungie and Microsoft part ways
    Up until today Bungie studios was wholly-owned by Microsoft Game Studios but will now once more be independent. MGS owns the IP for the Halo franchise and Microsoft ‘will retain an equity interest in Bungie’ but the studio will be able to work on projects of their own choosing.

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  • 6:03 am, 8th November 2007

Will the sony offering with no backward compatability work when they have the largest existing installed base of games on the PS2? I’d be surprised- the main advantage that sony have is the sheer volume of stuff they already have there. Are they seriously expecting all their loyal customers to ditch all their existing titles? Bizarre!
Also weird- Halo was originally written for the Mac! Any chance that with their new found independance we may see Bungie return to a Cupertino platform?

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