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Inspirational Flash on the Beach

After last year’s inaugural conference was hailed as one of 2006′s best Flash event, Flash on the Beach 2007 had a lot to live up to. With technical sessions on AS3 from Grant Skinner and Brendan Hall to inspirational sessions from Neville Brody, Brendan Dawes and Robert Hodgin, this year’s event proved to be bigger, better and broader. Flash on the Beach especially provides a great opportunity for those of us who prefer writing code to using the pen tool to get some inspiration from some very talented people.

I went to Flash on the Beach having not got my hands dirty with ActionScript for several months. Work has recently revolved around Ruby on Rails and I went with the hope that I would leave Brighton with some new impetus to finish some personal projects and give me some new ideas. In short that’s exactly what happened.

There are too many highlights so I’ll just talk about a few sessions which I particularly enjoyed… and weren’t actually about Flash (shock!)

First, I have to talk about Robert Hodgin, even though the work he showed was all written in Processing. Although I saw more particle systems than anyone needs in three days, Robert’s physical modelling videos were by far the most beautiful, especially when driven by music (although the actual video he presented isn’t published yet).

Flock of birds from flight404 on Vimeo

Must play with strange attractors and perlin noise…

Rob Chiu also presented some of his portfolio which was comprised of mostly short films created using his still photography and 3D effects in Adobe After Effects. He also does a lot of print work, including the artiwork for the .Net magazine article in which our BBC API featured.

There were lots of inspirational sessions (alongside AS3 sessions which taught me something knew) at this year’s conference but I don’t want this post to become a Flash on the Beach love-in so I should close. And I haven’t even mentioned Papervision. Perhaps when I finally get my arse in gear and do something with it, when v2.0 is released… In short, roll on September for Flash on the Beach 2008.

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