Scrobble your BBC Radio listening

Last year I wrote a Yahoo Widget which allows you to listen to BBC Radio and scrobble the tracks to your profile.

BBC Radio scrobbler

The profiles for Radio 1, Radio 2, 6 Music and 1 Xtra are now public (they were originally created under pseudonyms), so I thought I should update my widget and also write a version for OS X Dashboard. So I did.

You can read more about them on the BBC Radio Labs blog which accompanies our new Radio Labs site.

Or you can download them here:

Download for OS X
Download for Yahoo! Widgets (version 4.5 or higher required)

These are still in beta (and may never be otherwise) so please let me know if/when you find any glaring bugs!

  • 2:40 pm, 14th December 2007
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Radiohead on vinyl

As a fairly avid Radiohead fan, while most people were downloading In Rainbows for a few pence, I bought the £40 discbox release. After a month’s spent listening to the MP3s, I finally got my hands on the discbox this week which contains an additional CD, lyrics, artwork and the standard In Rainbows album on vinyl.

In Rainbows

In my teens and through university I went through a period of buying vinyl if I possibly could. My collection doesn’t extend far beyond a few DJ Krush and DJ Shadow albums and I haven’t bought anything new for several years, until the In Rainbows discbox arrived. I literally blew the dust off my Dual turntable (once I had moved our 3ft plastic Christmas tree which was sat on top), fiddled around with the phono and earth cables, found the power adapter, pulled out one of the Radiohead 45s and turned the volume up very high.

Dual turntable

My Dual is not great and could do with a new cartridge and Thom Yorke may have been sped up a little but the sound blew me away once again. Its incredible that a needle tracking the bumps in a piece of plastic can produce such a warm and accurate recreation of the original recording. The whole album sounded larger somehow with a much wider sound stage and the beautiful finale Videotape sounded especially rich and delicate.

I’m no purist but listening to vinyl does make you realise that the digital era comes with some very significant compromises. I’m not about to ditch my AAC collection and having my whole music collection in my pocket is quite incredible but I certainly won’t be letting the dust gather so much from now on.

  • 6:05 am, 12th December 2007
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Doodle Wars

During the summer I spent a few weeks looking into XNA because I decided if I love playing video games so much maybe I should try writing one. After few trips on the train reading XNA Game Programming, I realised I should stick to what I know and try building something in Flash first. The result is Doodle Wars, a simple Geometry Wars style shooter.

Doodle Wars

I plan on tidying up the code and doing a post about how the game works, because in writing it I have learned a great deal about how to structure a game – in the end the principles I learned from XNA proved useful.

So give it a try!

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