Scrobble your BBC Radio listening

Last year I wrote a Yahoo Widget which allows you to listen to BBC Radio and scrobble the tracks to your profile.

BBC Radio scrobbler

The profiles for Radio 1, Radio 2, 6 Music and 1 Xtra are now public (they were originally created under pseudonyms), so I thought I should update my widget and also write a version for OS X Dashboard. So I did.

You can read more about them on the BBC Radio Labs blog which accompanies our new Radio Labs site.

Or you can download them here:

Download for OS X
Download for Yahoo! Widgets (version 4.5 or higher required)

These are still in beta (and may never be otherwise) so please let me know if/when you find any glaring bugs!

3 Comments for Scrobble your BBC Radio listening

  • 10:01 pm, 12th September 2008

What exactly is scrobbling?

Hope you are well!

  • 2:32 pm, 16th September 2008

Its what you do when you tell what you’ve been listening to! It’ll be in the Oxford English Dictionary soon: ‘To Scrobble…”

  • 2:51 pm, 29th December 2008

Hey Chris,

Been using the Mac widget to scrobble for a while now. I run 10.4.11. This past month I’ve noticed that I’ve not had any song or artist listings on the widget itself in weeks despite it correctly telling me who’s BBC 6 show I’m listening to. It does that thing saying track info is out of date and it’s waiting for up to date info. I’ve already chucked the widget and anything in my preferences that I thought was associated with it about 3 times and reinstalled after a fresh download from the BBC labs page. Just wanted to let you know it’s acting buggy. It’s also doing the same thing on the other channels available on the widget.

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