• 1:46 pm, 22nd April 2008
  • xbox 360

GTA IV / Xbox 360 TV Spot

The GTA IV hype machine continues to gear up for its release and Microsoft clearly want to make the most of what could be a USD400 million launch week. When the hype is this well produced keep it coming I say… but roll on Tuesday :)

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  • 11:57 am, 16th January 2009

That’s true. I bought a Xbox360 just for this game. And the game is fantastic.

  • 9:17 pm, 3rd March 2009

I finally completed GTA IV last week, over a year after it came out (big break in between). Great game and probably best game of 2008 in my opinion. Just downloaded The Lost & the Damned to extend it a bit more!

  • 9:12 am, 4th March 2009

I still haven’t finished it, but I’ve still bought Lost & Damned! Too many games to play… :)

  • 10:40 pm, 30th October 2009

The video has been removed..but besides that GTA is by far the best series of video games for the 360 … it is going to be hard to top this one.

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