TV on the radio

Not the most original title for a blog post but hey. As Yasser posted on the Radio Labs blog, this morning we launched a new visual radio player running alongside the Chris Moyles show this week and Annie and Nick on Sunday. This is the first stage trial in a new project and we are keen to find out what the audience thinks of it.

Visual radio player

The pop-up player presents a webcam feed of the studio so you can see Chris and the team as well as hear them alongside which we display images, now playing track information and incoming SMS messages. In addition to this you will also see barcharts and swingometers representing a public vote or poll.

I joined the project to develop the front-end which is an AS3 flash application built in Flex Builder 3. The components are made up of individual SWFs loaded as necessary and the client is driven through messages sent over the same infrastructure which powers the live text widgets on network pages and the Radio 1 tag cloud.

Early comments on the Radio Labs post and elsewhere have been really encouraging.

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