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Over the last couple of months I’ve been learning Objective-C and developing my first (and certainly not my last) iPhone app: Diabetes Diary. At the end of last 2008 I started developing an iPhone-optimised Ruby-on-Rails web app for monitoring my diabetes. I soon realised that while it was a nice way of recording glucose readings, the web-based experience wasn’t ideal and obviously required an internet connection. So I decided to learn Objective-C, build a native application and sign up as an iPhone developer.

I’m proud to say that Diabetes Diary is now available in the iTunes App Store and more information is available at mydiabetesdiary.net.

Diabetes Diary

So what does it do? Diabetes Diary records your blood glucose readings (mmol/L and mg/dL are supported) and insulin doses. You can then look back at your activity and see statistical averages for glucose and insulin for each month and the last seven days and see graphs for these periods. To do more analysis on your history you can download a CSV file to your Mac or PC over a local wifi connection.

Diabetes Diary graph view

Its a simple application and I’ll be waiting on feedback to see how I should develop it further. I certainly don’t expect to make any money from it, although recovering my iPhone dev fees would be nice :)

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  • 9:45 am, 14th June 2009

This looks fantastic, do you know whether it would work on the LG touchphone?

  • 8:02 am, 15th June 2009

Hi Cathey

I’m afraid Diabetes Diary is only available for the iPhone and iPod Touch

  • 6:39 pm, 8th August 2009

This app is great. Just downloaded it and entered some history. I haven’t figured out how to customize the lists yet, but that will be cool too. The .csv option over wi-fi is brilliant btw.

I was thinking it might be nice to have an extra field for “pre-prandial” or “correction” to establish the intent of the injection, and possibly fields for CHO, Protein” as well to track your estimates of food intake…in case you’re looking for feedback.

Thanks though, the app is really good. Best one I’ve seen on the App store.


  • 6:49 pm, 8th August 2009

Actually never mind, I just added a “Humalog Correction” and a “Humalog Pre-Prandial” type to my insulin list…seems to work pretty well.

  • 7:30 am, 22nd September 2009

I like the fact that it’s one screen to enter all your data. That is really convenient. Any plans to when “activity” might be added as an entry?

  • 4:54 pm, 12th October 2009

Would it be possible to have a graph export function to Excel format ? or a CSV file format that would be easier to chart with from Excel. My doctor would like to be see a chart at my review meetings but I am not sure how I can create a chart in Excel which is similar to yours?

  • 8:47 am, 13th October 2009

Hi Colin

Diabetes Diary supports CSV file export. You need to connect your iPhone / iPod touch to the same wifi network as your computer and turn on the back-up server in the Download menu. Enter one of the given URLs in your computer’s web browser and you’ll see a list of all your history and the option to download a CSV file. However, in the current version the date and time are badly formatted and aren’t recognised by Excel. This will be fixed in the next update.

  • 2:15 pm, 22nd October 2009

Thanks Chris, it would be great if the readings could be one single record for each date and each reading separated within the record. This would make the excel import really very easy. I have shown the app to a number of friends and my GP and everyone thinks that it is great.

  • 8:51 pm, 25th January 2010

We just downloaded the Diabetes Diary. There is one thing we are trying to figure out. My daughter takes two types of insulin but there is only one column on the history page. Is there a way to add a column to break up the two types of insulin on the report. Also, it would be easier at the point of inputing information to be able to put both in on a single page.

  • 8:57 pm, 25th January 2010

Hi Theresa

Insulin types are distinguished by their colour (in the lists and on graphs). You can edit the insulin list and set colours as you like so you can easily see which is which. However, summaries and averages are based on the total of all insulin intake.

  • 5:11 pm, 26th January 2010

One more question! I can’t figure out how to email the info. We get to the place where you are supposed to be able to do it but it is not in bold and it will not open up. I thought you might have to do the backup first but it is not terribly easy either. We have wi-fi but it doesn’t seem to find it. Help! We have a doctor’s appt that we need this info for.

  • 5:24 pm, 26th January 2010

Hi Theresa

You can email history from any of the summary screens, ie for Last Seven Days or any previous month. If the button is greyed-out it means you iPhone or iPod touch has not been set up with an email account – Diabetes Diary uses your email account to send email. You don’t need to back-up first but you can export history to a computer on the same wifi network and send that as an email.

  • 6:32 pm, 13th March 2010

Hello, I have Ipod Touch, does this program is aviable for it?

  • 2:15 pm, 18th March 2010

Hi Aiste

Yes, Diabetes Diary works on iPhone and iPod touch as long as you have iPhone OS version 3.0 or higher installed.

  • 5:39 am, 20th June 2010

Great app jst downloaded it. Do you know the time periods for the times of day on the app?? Would be appreciated

  • 9:14 am, 20th June 2010


You can see and edit the Time of Day entries by tapping the Edit button at the top right of the list. You can also add your own.

  • 5:25 am, 28th August 2010

sounds like a great app. Just bought it for my iphone
I was diagnosed just over a month ago. I d like to enter 40 days of past data on the app.
I can do it manually but would take forever… how can i work on my computer and upload a data file on the app via wifi so i don t have to do it manually?
Thanks for your help.

  • 5:54 am, 28th August 2010

Hi – just downloaded the app & figuring it out. My questions is similar to Theresa’s – i use 2 insulins at breakfast (1 x long acting, 1 short acting) but am confused about how i enter both dosages.
I have figured out how to enter 1 dose, but am stuck on the 2nd (ie: using the same time, same carbs etc = same entry)

  • 8:17 am, 29th October 2010


Sorry – you’re right, I haven’t replied to your question. (If you want a quicker response, please email me using the app from the About screen. I can’t guarantee to reply to everyone though!)

I’m afraid there isn’t direct support for multiple insulin doses in Diabetes Diary. Whenever I take two doses at the same time (before bed for example) I enter each separately. Glucose readings, carbs and insulin doses are all stored as separate events and grouped in the display, either by date or by Time of Day. However, you can only group one of each together which I realise is a limitation of the app. I do take comments and suggestions on board for future updates, so please keep them coming.

  • 9:06 pm, 30th May 2011

Can this be used on any generation of the ipod touch?

  • 4:28 pm, 1st July 2011

Is there plans to do translations for different languages? And if so, do you need help?

  • 5:18 pm, 8th September 2011

I have been a diabetic for 39 years now and finally an app that is useful(I was thinking of writing one myself but no need to now). One comment is I wish that I could edit one of the entries I have made to fix a input error. I can delete but not change carbs insulin or sugar levels


  • 5:33 pm, 8th September 2011

Hi Allan

Thanks for your feedback. You can edit an entry by selected it and tapping the Edit button at the top. Edit the values and hit Save when you’re done.

  • 11:37 am, 6th January 2012

I would just like to say THANK YOU CHRIS BOWLEY!

Your app has made my Diabetes Diary very simple and I always have my iPhone with me so I always keep it up to date.

I am doing the Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating (DAFNE) Course so it’s ideal to have my records at hand all the time.

Great work and much appreciated.


  • 7:06 pm, 17th January 2012

Hi Chris,
I am currently looking/trying 7 different DM mgt apps and must say yours is tops on the list!! I am a CDE and also a PWD. Looks like your site for support: diabetesdiary.net is no longer up and your latest ‘news’ here was Oct 2010. Are you still actively supporting this app? I hope so :-) .

One big question: I see you can save/capture the graph and Avg 24-hours…great. But it looks like the same cannot be done for the List and Time of Day Averages…..am I right? Will you be adding this?? Please…

Thanks for your work on this!

  • 11:12 pm, 17th January 2012

Hi Maria

I’m glad you like the app :) This isn’t supported directly, but you can take a screen shot at any time by holding the Home and Sleep buttons at the same time – this will be saved to your camera roll.

I am still supporting Diabetes Diary, I just haven’t updated my website in a while! Please keep your comments coming.

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