Diabetes Diary v1.2

My latest update to Diabetes Diary is now available for download from the App Store. This release includes some new features in the form of an average 24-hours graph view, keypad support for the Add screen and much improved performance, especially on the List view.

Diabetes Diary average 24-hours graph

The average 24-hours graph is available from the History Summary screen and displays a statistical average for each hour based on glucose readings and insulin doses in that period. A line graph is displayed for glucose (interpolated between where values exist) and a bar graph for insulin. A snapshot can be saved to your photo album.

Diabetes Diary add keypad

Following some feedback I decided to add keypad support to the Add screen so that glucose readings and insulin doses can be added without using the sliders. Tap on the value, it will turn blue to indicate selection and the keypad will slide into view. Values for each digit must be entered so to enter 15.0 units of insulin you need to key in 1 – 5 – 0 when decimal units are enabled in the settings. Once you’re done with the keypad tap the Done key.

Finally I have improved the app’s performance – the List view especially is now much smoother. There are also the obligatory bug fixes.

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  • 7:16 pm, 12th May 2009

That’s a very useful tool for people with diabetes. But I wish scinetist would invent something better than injections.

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