Diabetes Diary v1.3

Version 1.3 of Diabetes Diary for iPhone is now available from the App Store. This update brings the addition of ‘buttocks’ as an injection site option and displays events with notes in the history list view.

Diabetes Diary glucose reading with note

Only a minor update, but I hope v1.4, which should be available next week, will make up for that.

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  • 2:45 pm, 9th June 2009


your application is available in english.
I live in germany and i think it would be cool to use this application in german language too.
I could translate your app in german.
Tell me your opinion.

regards Marek

  • 10:32 am, 15th June 2009
Graham Johnson

I think this is a good app but mistakes cannot be edited, as far as i can see. will this be added

  • 1:18 pm, 15th June 2009

Hi Graham

All glucose readings and insulin doses can be edited or deleted. To edit an entry, in the history list view, tap on an entry to bring up the detailed view and tap the edit button at the top right.

  • 6:58 pm, 22nd June 2009
Graham Johnson

Hi Chris.
Sorry for the delay. I had worked out the editing but i cannot work out how to delete full records. ie; if an entry was duplicated, how to delete that entry.

  • 10:28 am, 26th June 2009

Go to the list screen and swipe across an entry to delete it or hit the Edit button if you want to delete more than one.

  • 8:50 pm, 25th August 2009


I have only recently taken up an insulin regime and have found your app really useful and easy to handle. Could I suggest a possible future addition? I have been advised to use the ‘carb counting’ method and calculate my insulin accordingly. At the moment I am recording my carb intake as a note, but I think it would be useful to record it at the main page for easier reference and then to have that data displayed on the graph.

Keep up the good work.

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