Diabetes Diary v1.5

The latest update to Diabetes Diary is now available in the App Store. This is a big update and includes a number of features you have been asking for, along with the usual round of bug fixes and performance improvements. Please note: Diabetes Diary now requires iPhone OS 3.0 or higher so make sure you have upgraded before you update.

In no particular order, here’s what you can expect from v1.5:


You can record carbs (in grams) alongside glucose readings and insulin doses. These appear in history list views but as yet don’t appear in the graphs.

Diabetes Diary carbs

Time of day

Diabetes Diary always allowed for free-text notes to be added to any reading but you can now specify a ‘time of day’ too. I originally described this as the meal associated with the reading but realised it could just as easily be a repeated action or event, such as exercise. As with insulin types there is a default list but you can edit this and add your own as you see fit. Each time of day has an associated start and end time which is used to auto-fill this information when you add a new reading. You can turn this off in the settings if you wish.

Diabetes Diary time of day

Back-up, restore and email

Up until now the only way to back-up your data was to use iTunes (your app settings and documents are backed up when you sync your iPhone / iPod touch) or download a CSV file of your history. In v1.5 the back-up server allows you to download and restore the Diabetes Diary database. The format of the HTML and CSV files is also much improved. Along with this you can now email your history from within Diabetes Diary and there is a setting for a default recipient to save you a few taps. You can email your entire history from the Manage screen or any previous month or the last seven days from their respective summary screens.

Diabetes Diary backup

Everything else

  • Option to display history in reverse-chronological order
  • Default injection site selection
  • Improved history list view which now include carbs
  • Month list is now a nice table
  • Send feedback email from within the app
  • Fixed daylight-saving bugs
  • Fixed CSV file date formatting bug to improve spreadsheet importing

Keep the comments and suggestions coming and I’ll see what I can include in future releases.

3 Comments for Diabetes Diary v1.5

  • 8:47 pm, 18th November 2009

Really fantastic app. Have researched a few. This is the best of breed by a country mile. Great usability. Awesome that you’re rolling out new features. 1.5 has everything I need!

Noticed a bug with the decimal place of insulin records when emailing the dbase btw.

Thank you thank you


  • 8:49 pm, 18th November 2009

Thanks Andrew! I’m really glad you like the latest update. Version 1.5.1 is already in review at Apple which fixes a few things including the bug you mentioned.

  • 11:25 am, 19th November 2009

This app is brilliant as a new type 1 diabetic it keeps a nice record for my nurse and thanks to the 1.5 update, the ability to now send the data direct to her is excellent, only one tiny issue though, there is no suffix added to the files so when she gets it it won’t open on her PC maybe something you could look at for the next release.

Also any chance of changing the colour on the graph from blue to something bright as it’s quite difficult to see. I can think of a couple of other things that would improve it for me but I don’t like to complain.

On a positive note I do really like the auto time of day feature I was manually adding that before so massive thanks for that.

Thanks for all your efforts on this, it is much appreciated.


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