Diabetes Diary v1.5.1

Well that was quick! Apple have reviewed the latest update to Diabetes Diary in a record (for me at least) 4 days. This release fixes a couple of bugs introduced in version 1.5, including displaying incorrect insulin doses when exported. It also significantly improves the performance of the history list table which should now scroll nice and smoothly :) Following a suggestion (thanks David) I have also included the option of entering your name for display on exported data, which might be useful if you email your results directly to your doctor or diabetes nurse.

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  • 8:21 am, 26th November 2009

I’m commenting about your Insulin Calculator app as I can’t find where to send feedback specific to that …

When using mmol/L the calculator appears to be broken. I’m in Canada and set it to mmol/L immediately before trying it out, and was getting very confused with the carbohydrate factors. My factor is 1 unit per 12 grams of carbohydrates. First of all the app was inserting a decimal when I tried to enter 12, making it 1.2, or else 12.0 when I entered 120. It was giving me ridiculous results like 0.06 units for 12 grams of carbs … I finally went in and set it back to mg/dl, went back and entered 12 grams of carbs (there now being no decimal), and then it began working properly. I use mmol/L, though, so can’t enter blood glucose levels in mg/dl. I went and changed it back to mmol/L, and even though it’s still working correctly it’s now showing the carbohydrate factor as 0.7. Something is really messed up with that. It’s like the carbohydrate factor is being divided by 18 along with the blood glucose and correction fields, when really it should not be!

Also, I’m visually impaired and use the VoiceOver feature on the iPhone (speech output of what’s on the screen, you can get to it at Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver). Even though this app looks like it should work fine with speech output, VoiceOver doesn’t read anything at all. It would be VERY nice if this app worked with speech. Most other apps that use no graphics, like the Insulin Calculator, are accessible, so I’m not sure why this one reads nothing.

Anyway, hope it’s okay that I left this feedback in a random blog comment rather than an e-mail. Feel free to e-mail me back if you need or want more information.

  • 6:08 pm, 30th November 2009
Tyson White

Hey! I just downloaded the Diabetes Diary to help keep track of my daughter’s readings and doses and the like. Very well developed program. I’ve toyed with a couple apps before, both on my iPod Touch and on my Andriod phone, but I haven’t found anything quite as easy to use as your program, thank you very much.

A couple of minor notes, though. Because my daughter is only 3 years old, our target range for her isn’t the normal 4-10 mmol/L. For her we’re shotting for 6-12. As such it would be nice if there were an option to customize the target range (for the highlighting option, for instance).

Also, on one of the programs I was trying on my phone, on the graphs that it produced it showed a highlighted bar across the graph showing your target range. That made it very easy to see on the graph itself which readings fell within target and which didn’t. It would be very helpful if you could implement something like that in Diabetes Diary.

Excellent App. Thanks again, I’m amazed how easy it is to use.


  • 6:33 pm, 30th November 2009

Hi Tyson

Thanks for your comments. I’m really glad Diabetes Diary is helping manage your daughter’s diabetes. I will certainly look at making the target range customisable in a future update. Putting more information into the graphs is a little tricky though, given how much space there is in the iPhone screen, but it is something I will look at. I would recommend downloading your daughter’s history and using a spreadsheet program to build any custom views or graphs.

  • 2:40 pm, 23rd December 2009
Marcelo Wolfgang

I think I’ve tried all the diabetes apps and yours are the best congratulation

With that said, I have a couple of suggestions and a wish

The suggestions is that the glucose indicator starts at 80 ( the normal level ) so it will be quicker to get to the number you want.
Also I think that the 3 meters should occupy all the screen making it easier to scroll them, pushing the Details part off the screen ( if you need to change it, just scroll down a little.

And something I wish to see in the future is a mac app companion where you can sync your data with it on your computer, and store and manage it there.

Thank you again

  • 9:31 pm, 10th January 2010
Clare Gooding

Hi Chris,
I have recently purchased Diabetes Diary. It’s great. One extra option that would be really good would be to have a correction dose for the insulin taken that could be highlighted on the graph. In essence a fourth scroll bar. This relates to DAFNE (Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating). When working off ratios between carbohydrates & insulin if a correction is necessary it is nice to see it flagged on a chart so that trends over time can be recognised easily.


  • 11:58 am, 19th January 2010
Liz Harvard

Hi Chris

I’ve recently bought the Diabetes Diary and it definitely seems to be a really well thought out app. However, I would also like to see a ‘correction dose’ as an option.

The ideal would be to have the option to enter a ‘food dose’ and a ‘correction dose’ and then total number of units taken. This option for recording the insulin doses would then fit in perfectly with the DAFNE and BERTIE courses that teach carbohydrate counting and dose adjustment. Seeing the frequency and pattern of correction doses is a vital part of recognising whether the insulin to carbohydrate ratio is correct.

It would also be quite useful to be able to record what ratio you had used when taking the food dose, as for some people their ratio changes depending on the time of day.

I do love this app and think it has great potential, but sadly for now i will go back to doing a written record and keep my fingers crossed that a correction dose option will be added!


  • 6:02 pm, 20th January 2010

I have been looking at your app and since I am a Canadian does the application have a setting to include Canadian readings?

  • 11:00 pm, 20th January 2010

Hi Bill

Diabetes Diary supports mmol/L and mg/dL for glucose units and you can specify any insulin types you use. I don’t know which glucose units you use but I have had downloads from Canada so I’m sure it will work for you.

  • 10:52 am, 18th February 2010

Hi Chris

We were about to buy this app but saw that it doesn’t support half units for insulin doses. As our son is only 2 this is key for him, and unfortunately makes this app unusable.

I appreciate this is something that only some of your users would want, but it would be extremely useful to have the option. Could you perhaps add a toggle setting to display half units or whole units on the scroll wheels?

Thanks for listening


  • 10:56 am, 18th February 2010

Hi Pete

Diabetes Diary supports fractional units for insulin doses, its just not shown in the screenshots.

  • 10:35 pm, 25th February 2010

Thanks for your great job !
Just missing a french version (because I’m french) and it will perfect ! :)

  • 3:56 pm, 30th March 2010
Mark Rogers

How about being able to select a default type(s) of insulin in setup? I’m just on one kind (long acting), so it’s the same every day at the moment.

Apart from that, it’s a smashing, useful app.

  • 4:10 pm, 30th March 2010

Hi Mark

You can change the default insulin type by tapping Edit on the insulin type list and moving it to the top. You can also delete any types you don’t use, edit names and colours and add new ones.

  • 8:40 pm, 28th April 2010
Adam Br499s

I just messed up and wiped my iphone.

Good news, I backed up Diabetes Diaries content on Sunday, so no great loss.

Is there a way of reimporting it.

Love the app by the way, nice work fella.

  • 8:54 pm, 28th April 2010

Hi Adam

Glad you like it :) Your data is backed up to iTunes whenever you back-up your phone. You can also back-up and restore from within Diabetes Diary using the back-up server. If you have downloaded the database file using this you can restore it using the same tool. Go to Manage > Back-up server and start the server. Make sure your PC or Mac and iPhone are on the same wifi network then enter the URL shown on your iPhone in the web browser. You can export, back-up and restore from this web page. You must download the database file in order to restore it, not the HTML or CSV files.

Hope that helps!

  • 5:57 pm, 2nd May 2010
Trevor in Oz

This looks really handy on first impressions, but it is obviously geared towards those managing their diabetes through injections. It would be great to have options (or a separate version might be easier) for people using an insulin pump. Records that need to be kept under that regimen include dates of infusion set changes, basal rates, normal/square/dual wave bolus, insulin to carb ratios etc.
Does look like a very useful app though and potentially the best money I have spent at the store so far.

  • 12:57 pm, 5th June 2010
Karon Bending

This is a great app. Please on the next version can you have a way of filtering to ‘before breakfast’ or ‘before lunch’ glucose readings so my diabetes nurse can see at a glance if there are any trends in the monthly ups and downs at certain times of the day.

  • 10:21 pm, 5th June 2010


Thanks! You can add and edit your own Time of Day entries – just tap the edit button at the top-right of the list.

  • 2:45 pm, 21st June 2010

Is the Diabetes Diary work on other mobile phone type or only in iphone

  • 2:54 pm, 21st June 2010

I need your helps if you can

In fridayforward.com website its required a iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad (iOS 3.0 or later) for the Diabetes Diary to Work
As you may know that iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad (iOS 3.0 or later) are expensive

Can the Diabetes Diary work on other mobile phone

  • 2:59 pm, 21st June 2010


I’m afraid Diabetes Diary only works on iPhone and iPod touch devices with iOS 3.0 or later installed. It also works on iPad but is not optimised.

  • 10:06 am, 24th June 2010

Thank you very much Chris

I have forget to ask you if the Diabetes Diary can work in PC or laptop or if you have similar diabetics management tools that are work in a Pc or other mobile phone

Best regards


  • 5:15 pm, 20th July 2010

After breakfast, lunch and dinner would be useful when choosing time of day

  • 8:32 am, 21st July 2010

@Linnea: You can add and edit your own Time of Day entries – just tap the edit button at the top-right of the list.

  • 12:44 pm, 27th July 2010

Hi there – this app is brilliant! It genuinely helps me get my blood sugars under control.

Do you have any plans to allow notes to be added on their own though? It would be really useful to be able to add a note to record something like exercise or illness, without having to attach it a blood sugar reading, insulin dose or carbohydrate quantity.


  • 4:02 pm, 1st December 2010

I have been using this app since I got diagnosed earlier this year, however as i have now been given a a pen with half units I am having to input more units than I am actually giving myself which isn’t accurate. Looking back through the comment here you say that it is possible to show half measure with insulin, but I still cannot find it!!

Apart from that hi love this app and it does exactly what I need it to do



  • 6:03 pm, 1st December 2010


To use fractional insulin units, tap on the setting icon (the cog at the bottom) on the home screen. Under Insulin you should see the option to use fractional units.

Hope that help

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