Diabetes Diary v1.6

UPDATE: Version 1.6.1 is now available in the App Store

After a few small updates I have released version 1.6 of Diabetes Diary which includes the ability to view your history in a grouped list. You can selected to group events by date or time of day (e.g. the same meal or activity).

Diabetes Diary settings

Diabetes Diary grouped events

Tapping on a group in the list will display another list with each glucose reading, carb entry and insulin dose on separate lines so that you can select each individually to get more details and edit them. Deleting a group will delete all the entries at once or you can delete individual entries in the group page.

You can also now see the time range for each time of day in the list. And don’t forget, you can edit this list and add your own by tapping the Edit button at the top.

Diabetes Diary time of day

This release also includes a new icon which should look better with a background image on your home screen. Now that I’ve got an iPhone 4 I can work on updating it to take advantage of the Retina Display :)

Diabetes Diary icon

7 Comments for Diabetes Diary v1.6

  • 2:37 pm, 1st August 2010
George Allan

The option to Add an Event on Launch does not appear to be fuctioning on the latest update 1.6. This function perfectly prior to this Update.

I am using an Iphone 3GS with the latest 4.01 OS

  • 2:59 pm, 1st August 2010


Thanks for letting me know and sorry for the bug. I’m working on fixing the problems relating to iOS4 and will have an update out soon.

  • 11:06 pm, 2nd August 2010

Another bug is that the reference date for “Today” and “Last 7 Days” gets stuck on the day the app was launched. If you put it in the background and go back next day, you can’t see the new day’s entries until you quit and restart.

  • 4:10 am, 19th October 2010

Hello, GREAT app!!! I MISS IT! Since 1.6.1 it won’t launch on my ipod 1st gen and I had to re-up another app to keep my records coming. Can I get 1.6 somehow until you have a fix for the new version? Is there a way to get older versions from the app store? Do you have an update soon?

  • 1:10 pm, 23rd October 2010
Mark Fyfe


I have just found details of your Diabetes Diary which seems to be exactly what I have been looking for to assist me in managing my diabetes. Unfortunately I don’t have either an iphone or an ipod touch, Does thai work on any other phones or will I have to upgrade?



  • 2:16 pm, 23rd October 2010


Diabetes Diary is only available for iPhone and iPod touch I’m afraid.

  • 4:25 am, 8th April 2011
Amber Chase

Hello, Just got your app yesterday, working great! Having an issue with the export csv file, it is showing the date MDY and when I try to format it, I am getting it backwards. For example today is April 7, 2011. My csv file lists it as 7/4/11, when reformatted to be DMY is says July 4, 2011.

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