Diabetes Diary v1.6.2

The current version of Diabetes Diary (v1.6.1) has a bug which means the current date fails to update, resulting in the Today and Last Seven Days lists not updating each time you open the app. This only manifests itself on iOS4 devices which support multitasking – iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and the latest iPod touch. I’ve got an update in approval to resolve the issue and ensure Diabetes Diary behaves properly on multitasking iOS devices.

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  • 3:19 pm, 3rd August 2010

That was quick! Thank you.

I have another suggestion. One of the questions I often want to answer with Diabetes Diary is “What was my blood sugar doing this time last week (or two weeks ago, etc.)?” This is because I’m a creature of habit and the day of the week often determines where I am, what I eat, what time I eat, and what exercise I take. A small enhancement that would make this easier would be to put the day of the week in the date headings in the history views, so I don’t have to work out what the date was on the days I’m looking for. I’d argue that the day of the week is more important than the year if you don’t have room for both, especially since the year appears (or is implied) at the top of the screen.

An even better feature would be a list of “Last 10 Tuesdays” (or whatever day of the week it is on the day you’re looking) but perhaps this is asking too much.

  • 4:19 pm, 3rd August 2010

You’re absolutely right. In fact, dates used to be displayed as ‘Tue 3 Aug’ in earlier versions. I’ve changed it back in 1.6.2.

  • 5:11 am, 4th August 2010

Even with the bug it is great and extremely useful for us diabetics.
Although info not updating on Daily view, if you go into months/current month/list it shows up there and all entries are editable from that page.

  • 3:20 pm, 19th August 2010

Thanks for fixing this issue.

  • 4:45 pm, 4th September 2010

Can you please supply a list of insulins that are in the the app? I am still on Humalog 25

  • 5:09 pm, 4th September 2010


I could give you the default list of insulins but you can edit them and add your own anyway :)

  • 6:38 pm, 5th September 2010
Tom Broadhead

I’ve just downloaded your app after failing to find a decent blood sugar log for the iPad and it looks really good. Do you have any plans to release an iPad compatible version? Perhaps compatible is the wrong word, I mean a version with that better uses the iPad screen.

  • 7:43 pm, 14th October 2010

We, too, are also interested in an iPad version. Any plans in the works?

Also, are there any plans to update Insulin Calculator to be iOS 4 compatible (multi-tasking to retain state)?

Thank you for your apps – they are well developed and much appreciated!

  • 8:16 pm, 14th October 2010

I’m afraid I don’t have any plans for an iPad version of Diabetes Diary. But never say never ;)

I have a significant update for both Diabetes Diary and Insulin Calculator which should be available at the weekend. This includes iOS 4 support for Insulin Calculator. I’ll have more details about both updates very soon.

  • 2:41 pm, 17th October 2010

Hello, this app is fantastic and has replaced another I’ve used for a long time. I have an iPod touch 1st gen and since the latest update (1.6.2), it crashes on start every time and is of no use now. Is there any fix to come soon? Or can I download the version before as I’ve come to really depend on this app. It’s changed my diabetic life! Thanks mate.

  • 6:19 am, 18th October 2010


Have you updated to v1.7 which was released over the weekend?

  • 12:18 pm, 9th November 2010

Thanks for the great app. By far the best I found. I’ve recomended it heartily on every D-forum I use :)

One teeny tiny suggestion… Would there be a way of assigning a background colour to the ‘Time of day’ labels. Or even better a group of ‘Time of day’ labels. Would help me to understand and use the ‘list’ view better if mealtimes (for example) were highlighted with a stripe of colour.

Just a thought.


  • 10:33 am, 11th November 2010

Oops! Forgot to mention another thing the other day…

I *love* the graphing (particularly the 7-day and month average graphs which are great for spotting patterns). But…

Because the lines that are drawn have a ‘mitre’ on them (giving them sharp points) if you have any kind of rapid change in BGs (either up or down) it becomes quite difficult to work out what your high or low levels actually were because the point of the line extends way above or below the actual data point. Not sure if there is any way of making the lines draw with ‘blunt’ points?

Thanks again for a brilliant app! :) .

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