Diabetes Diary and Insulin Calculator updated

Updated: I’m aware of a critical bug which causes both apps to crash when running them under iOS 3.x. Diabetes Diary v1.7.1 addresses this issue and is now available in the App Store. An update for Insulin Calculator is currently in review. Sorry everyone.

The latest updates to my two diabetes iPhone (and iPod touch!) apps Diabetes Diary and Insulin Calculator are now available in the App Store. These updates bring a unified look which makes the most of the retina display. Here’s a list of the new features (and bug fixes) available in each:

Diabetes Diary and Insulin Calculator icons

Diabetes Diary

  • New view of metrics for glucose readings, insulin doses and carbs by Time of Day
  • Added light-coloured graph background option
  • Added highlighting for weekends in list views
  • Added insulin type icon to Add/Edit screen
  • Fixed bug affecting Today when re-opening application from background
  • Dates are more predictable when moving between timezones
  • Increased insulin dosage cap

Diabetes Diary graph
Diabetes Diary Time of Day metrics

Insulin Calculator

  • Support for iOS 4
  • Updated icon
  • Ability to clear values

Insulin Calculator


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