Diabetes Diary and Insulin Calculator updated

Updated: I’m aware of a critical bug which causes both apps to crash when running them under iOS 3.x. Diabetes Diary v1.7.1 addresses this issue and is now available in the App Store. An update for Insulin Calculator is currently in review. Sorry everyone.

The latest updates to my two diabetes iPhone (and iPod touch!) apps Diabetes Diary and Insulin Calculator are now available in the App Store. These updates bring a unified look which makes the most of the retina display. Here’s a list of the new features (and bug fixes) available in each:

Diabetes Diary and Insulin Calculator icons

Diabetes Diary

  • New view of metrics for glucose readings, insulin doses and carbs by Time of Day
  • Added light-coloured graph background option
  • Added highlighting for weekends in list views
  • Added insulin type icon to Add/Edit screen
  • Fixed bug affecting Today when re-opening application from background
  • Dates are more predictable when moving between timezones
  • Increased insulin dosage cap

Diabetes Diary graph
Diabetes Diary Time of Day metrics

Insulin Calculator

  • Support for iOS 4
  • Updated icon
  • Ability to clear values

Insulin Calculator

34 Comments for Diabetes Diary and Insulin Calculator updated

  • 12:59 pm, 17th October 2010

this one is crashing for me on iphone 3GS (I haven’t upgraded to 4.1 yet)..

  • 6:21 am, 18th October 2010


Sorry to hear that. Could you give me some more details about the crashes you are experiencing? Which version of iOS are you running and when does it crash? Thanks.

  • 2:28 pm, 22nd October 2010

Since yesteday I am not able to open my diabetes diary app on Iphone 3GS Can this be fixed as I’m missing recording my blood sugars.

  • 2:55 pm, 22nd October 2010


Very sorry to hear that. I assume you have updated to v1.7 released last weekend? Are you running iOS 4.1? Has the latest version ever run properly or has this problem just started? You could try fully-closing the app: double-tap the Home button, tap-and-hold Diabetes Diary and tap the icon to delete it from the list. Then re-open it.

Unfortunately I haven’t received enough crash logs from users to get a report from Apple of where the app might be crashing. If you haven’t sync’ed your iPhone since the problem started, please do so in order for me to get some feedback on it.

  • 10:19 pm, 19th December 2010

Any plans to add additional meds like Actos, Advandia etc to be able to track them as well? I really like the looks of your app but have not taken the plunge yet. I want to replace my palm software so I don’t have to carry two devices. The current UTS software crashes my phone.

  • 5:42 pm, 20th December 2010
John Kelley

Took the plunge..Really nice. If you can in a future update add a spot for medications it would be nice. I use insulin as well as pills to control my glucose. I think I finally found a good replacement for my palm program. Thanks.

  • 8:29 pm, 20th December 2010


I’m glad you’re finding it useful! You can add your own insulin types so you could use that to record other meds, although I appreciate that’s not ideal.

  • 2:14 am, 21st December 2010
John Kelley

Thanks I wiil give that a try.

  • 7:01 pm, 26th December 2010

As a former insulin pumper, I use both Diabetes Diary and
Insulin Calculator multiple times a day. Absolutely outstanding
products. Is there a method to link the two of them together? Such
as: once I use the Insulin Calculator to find my dosage, then have
the ability to “send” the data to Diabetes Diary. I would then edit
to show type of insulin and injection site.

  • 12:25 am, 28th December 2010


I am planning in introducing that exact feature in the next update (it is something that was not supported in earlier version of iOS). It will require an update to both apps so look out for the updates in the near future.

  • 1:17 am, 28th December 2010

Thanks so much. I will be looking forward to the updates.

  • 5:38 pm, 21st January 2011

Hi there

Just recommended Diabetes Diary for a few forum folks and they can’t seem to get it on the App store.

Is it no longer available? :(

  • 7:36 pm, 21st January 2011


Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately all my apps are currently unavailable due to a problem with Apple. I believe this has been rectifies and Diabetes Diary will be available to download early next week.

  • 12:16 am, 22nd January 2011

Hi I’m having trouble redownload it My laptop restored and for some reason I can’t find it in Canada or US Stores of the App Store

  • 10:00 am, 22nd January 2011

Sorry about that. Diabetes Diary and Insulin Calculator should now be available to download again, or will be within the next 24 hours. I’ll have info on some new updates soon too.. :)

  • 10:05 am, 22nd January 2011

Thanks I’ll let people know… there were several who were very interested :)

  • 10:31 am, 22nd January 2011

And they’re back. Thanks for recommending Diabetes Diary – if they have any questions about it they can get in touch with me here or at chris_at_mydiabetesdiary.net.

  • 3:34 am, 17th February 2011

The update that allows the calc to send to the diary is absolutely incredible. The most pleasant surprise is that it calculates the dose and puts a note in the comments showing the calculation.
Outstanding job Chris.

  • 1:30 am, 1st March 2011
John Kelley

I have tried to use the Sever setting to backup to the PC It gives me a addess of my local network with a port. When I try to access using the address http://192.168.xxx.x:50309 I get a 501 error. I port forwarded the port in the router and get the same error. How is this suppose to work? I seem to be missing something.

  • 10:41 pm, 2nd March 2011


I’m not certain about port forwarding but a 501 mean ‘not implemented’ which suggests an unsupported request method. Each time you start the Back-up server it will use a different port, picked at random so that it doesn’t clash. I can only suggest trying a different browser and/or looking at any firewall you might have on your wifi network.

  • 12:57 pm, 23rd March 2011

Great app! I have used it since Nov -09 and it has been really useful for keeping track of my glucose levels.

Some suggestions for future updates:

1) For persons like myself who only dose full or half units that extra decimal just isn’t useful. Perhaps making the number of decimals customizable?

2) When entering a new record, the save button is top right, but when adding a comment the top right button is “Clear”. It has happened more than once that I have typed in a note just to erase it by pressing top-right… perhaps switch places between “Clear” and “back”?

Keep up the good work!

  • 12:25 am, 31st March 2011

Chris try as I may I cannot connect to the sever using IE 8 or Firefox 4. I have tried the 192.168.10.xxx:50407 and john kelley’s iPhone.local:50407 and cannot connect. I can ping my phone on the network.
Also I had a recent crash of the iPhone and lost everything and had to start over. If in one of your updates you could sysc the data to the PC in the form of a updated speadsheet it would save use from loosing any data. Just a though. Thanks it works great but would really like to see a backup that works.

  • 12:57 am, 31st March 2011

I downloaded Safari and was able to access the server with that. You may want to try it with IE or Firefox or see if anyone has had any luck. For now I will use Safari.

  • 11:20 am, 11th April 2011

bit of a newbie to these things but just purchased insulin calculatore to go with WONDERFUL DiabetesDiary – when you send info from calculatore what is supposed to happen – where does it appear??

  • 8:51 am, 30th August 2011

Another suggestion for this great app:
The feature that automatically records Time of day is linked to the current time of entering the record. However it happens every now and then that I forget or for some other reason choose to enter readings straight away. It would therefore be really nice if it was possible to instead link Time of day to the manually edited timestamp. That way it would save one editing step when entering records. Perhaps such a feature can be added as an optional setting?

  • 3:52 pm, 9th September 2011

Hi, thanks for this app, I’m finding it really helpful.

Are you still developing or supporting it? I have a request… could you make separate left and right stomach sites? I inject into my stomach a lot and it would help to record the two sides separately.

  • 3:57 pm, 9th September 2011

One more thing: could you add ‘sites’ for blood tests, i.e. which finger was used? It’d be interesting to keep track of this.

  • 5:01 pm, 9th September 2011

Another thing (really getting into your app!), are there any meters that will send a reading to the app via bluetooth? That’d be neat.

  • 5:45 pm, 9th September 2011

And another thing!

I just took a blood sugar reading (3.3, hypo), added it to the app, then ate some food (20g carbs), then went to add the carbs to the reading. They’re only a couple of minutes apart and I’d prefer to record them in the same event, the food is in response to the reading.

When I edit the event I can’t add carbs, only adjust the glucose level. Could you make it possible to add other ‘types’ of data (carbs, insulin and glucose) when editing old events?

  • 9:29 pm, 14th September 2011

Hello again. I’ve been using Diabetes Diary for a few days now. I have patched on a feature which I think would be great to add into DD.

To augment my records I’ve been taking pictures of my meals, uploading them to imgur, adding the imgur links into a new column in the csv then running the csv through a python script to generate this html: http://i.imgur.com/Nt8Wk.png

A key part of the challenge of managing diabetes for me is getting accurate carbohydrate counts of the food I eat. By taking photos of my meals and sharing them on forums, I’ve been able to ask for feedback on my carb estimates. I also plan to share the photos and records with my hospital team when I next see them.

I’d really like it if DD had a photo field in each group, ideally allowing both a new camera picture or selection of an existing picture (to support older, non-camera models, and to allow changing pictures when editing records).

I’ve become quite a fan of your app, it’s filling a gap in my life and I’m very grateful for it. I’d really like to hear your plans for DD and if you’re actively developing it.

  • 9:48 pm, 14th September 2011


Thanks for your comments and suggestions, I’m glad you’re finding Diabetes Diary useful!

I am supporting my apps and try to include suggestions from users but unfortunately have had very little time to do so recently. I am actually looking at what I might include in a new version of Diabetes Diary so I’ll certainly add your comments to the list :)

  • 1:51 pm, 15th October 2011
John Kelley

Chris after upgrading to OS5 I have been having problems with the program crashing. If you select an injection site it crashes, crashes when working with the configuration. OS5 is nice but I think it has created a problem for the programers. I thought about removing and redownloading but did not want to loose the data on the phone.

  • 5:01 pm, 15th October 2011

Hi John

Sorry for the inconvenience. There is a problem with iOS 5 which I am aware of and I have an update with Apple to resolve it. It will hopefully be available soon.


  • 11:38 pm, 15th October 2011
John Kelley

Chris, I took a chance, backed up the data, uninstalled and redownloaded the app. Restored the data now everything seems fine. Thanks for the fine program.

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