• 2:18 pm, 6th August 2008
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How to triple your readership overnight

In migrating my blog over to WordPress and with the power of Apache redirect from my new hosting, I finally merged all my RSS links over to feedburner.

Feedburner stats

Behold! I suddenly have three times the subscribers I thought I had! And no-one has had to change the feed URL for my site either :)

  • 12:32 pm, 5th August 2008
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The all-new fridayforward

For those of you reading this through your RSS reader, hopefully nothing has changed. For those of you reading this at fridayforward.com: welcome to the all-new fridayforward!

A few months ago I realised I could (and should) do more with my web site and that my current hosting package simply wasn’t up to the job. I’ve moved to Dreamhost as they provide the features I was after at a pretty reasonable price and a 90 money-back guarantee if it didn’t work out. Reliability seems to be an issue with Dreamhost and I’ve already experienced some downtime, but we’ll see how we go. I now have shell access to my hosting which might kick me into playing around a bit more. I hope so.

The main reason I moved hosting was because Blogger simply wasn’t doing it for me and in order to migrate to WordPress, I needed a PHP-enabled host. Migrating from Blogger was pretty straight forward using the importer (however I haven’t updated all the internal links) yet. The next step was to build my own blog template and that’s why its taken me about 3 months to final flip the switch. After a few failed attempts (and my MacBook dying, getting fixed and eventully being replaced) I’m pretty happy with the new look and if there’s anything you like you can check out the plugins I’m using on the about page.


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