• 12:32 pm, 5th August 2008
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The all-new fridayforward

For those of you reading this through your RSS reader, hopefully nothing has changed. For those of you reading this at fridayforward.com: welcome to the all-new fridayforward!

A few months ago I realised I could (and should) do more with my web site and that my current hosting package simply wasn’t up to the job. I’ve moved to Dreamhost as they provide the features I was after at a pretty reasonable price and a 90 money-back guarantee if it didn’t work out. Reliability seems to be an issue with Dreamhost and I’ve already experienced some downtime, but we’ll see how we go. I now have shell access to my hosting which might kick me into playing around a bit more. I hope so.

The main reason I moved hosting was because Blogger simply wasn’t doing it for me and in order to migrate to WordPress, I needed a PHP-enabled host. Migrating from Blogger was pretty straight forward using the importer (however I haven’t updated all the internal links) yet. The next step was to build my own blog template and that’s why its taken me about 3 months to final flip the switch. After a few failed attempts (and my MacBook dying, getting fixed and eventully being replaced) I’m pretty happy with the new look and if there’s anything you like you can check out the plugins I’m using on the about page.

Time for Dashboard 2.0

I’m sure its obvious to most Xbox 360 owners that the dashboard (originally developed by AKQA) is in need of a comprehensive re-design. There is simply too much content in Marketplace for the current format to work and de-listing poorly selling Live Arcade titles won’t really help. Having not spent any time with Sony’s XMB interface in the PS3 I can’t say whether they’ve done a better job but their redesigned PlayStation Store certainly looks a lot more inviting than Xbox Live Marketplace.

The Fanboy's Dashbaord 2.0

The Fanboy‘s excellent take on what Dashboard 2.0 (or perhaps the ’2008 Fall Update’?) could look like is probably a step too far for Microsoft but then there are rumours they may be developing something even more ambitious. Roll on E3.

Audio visualisation on the web

In a couple of weeks I will be returning to the development of the Annotatable Audio project at BBC Radio and Music. We spent a lot of time investigating how best to render audio for playback and editing. Today Tristan pointed me at Google’s share price graph widget, a Flash visualisation of recent stock activity. They have done much the same thing we have in using two views and I like how they update the HTML text view as you scroll around the graph – we could apply something similar for audio segments.

Odeo have also used Flash in building their audio player and editor. Here’s an interesting example about corporate blogging featuring the father of Annotatable Audio Tom Coates.

And there’s always the fridayforward radio :-)

  • 12:48 pm, 11th March 2006
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New layout

I’ve playing around with the styling of my site and this is the interim result. I’m not happy with it. I wanted to incorporate ‘blobs’ for each posting – something I found on another site. It separates the posts nicely but somehow looks quite cheap and nasty, I’ll have to do something about that. May be its down to the colour, I don’t know.

As for the logo, that needs sorting but will have to wait until I get home.

I have a problem when it comes to css, especially on my own page. I can’t stop tinkering with it. I keep having ‘brilliant’ ideas about what I could do and then spend hours playing around until it looks worse than it did to start with. Must stop, must stop…


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