• 12:26 pm, 25th July 2008
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Waiting for iPhone 2.0.1… or 2.1?

I’m writing this post on my iPhone, using the new WordPress application. Like the vast majority of iPhone (and iPod touch) apps at the launch of the new app store, it’s a little light on features but brings some welcome functionality to my iPhone. I’m sure in the coming weeks it will be updated with bug fixed and additional features but I’m more concerned with the state of the phone’s firmware.


While it’s debatable whether apps crashing is due to the individual apps themselves or the underlying firmware, the OS itself seems less responsive and more prone to crashing than in version 1.1.4. When that causes me to miss a phone call, it’s a serious problem. It is supposed to be a phone after all.

In addition, Apple are putting a lot of weight behind the iPhone as a serious mobile gaming platform. However, when a crashed game will not restart, forcing me to re-install it and lose all my progress (damn you Super Monkey Ball!), I cannot put confidence in the device and so wouldn’t want to play longer, more involved games for fear of losing my progress. My DS allows me to simply shut the lid and my progress is saved until I open it again, it would be great if iPhone games could incorporate a similar feature, but I guess it’s still very early days for the platform. A more pressing inclusion is the ability to listen to the iPod app while playing any game. There is a hack to do it, but may be Apple should make it a requisite of the platform, like Microsoft do with custom soundtracks on the Xbox 360.

It seems Apple are on the case with firmware 2.0.1 and will be releasing 2.1 with some new features in the coming weeks.

Other than a small tidy up, I managed to write this post on the iPhone. Hopefully this app will force me to updating fridayforward more often :)

Talking rabbit tells you what’s on

Daden’s Nabaztag talking schedule bunny is a bizarre use of the BBC programme data I worked on but I think its really very cool and I want one. It makes building the API all the more worth while to see people using it in weird and wonderful new ways we could never have envisaged.


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