Diabetes Diary and Insulin Calculator updated

Updated: I’m aware of a critical bug which causes both apps to crash when running them under iOS 3.x. Diabetes Diary v1.7.1 addresses this issue and is now available in the App Store. An update for Insulin Calculator is currently in review. Sorry everyone.

The latest updates to my two diabetes iPhone (and iPod touch!) apps Diabetes Diary and Insulin Calculator are now available in the App Store. These updates bring a unified look which makes the most of the retina display. Here’s a list of the new features (and bug fixes) available in each:

Diabetes Diary and Insulin Calculator icons

Diabetes Diary

  • New view of metrics for glucose readings, insulin doses and carbs by Time of Day
  • Added light-coloured graph background option
  • Added highlighting for weekends in list views
  • Added insulin type icon to Add/Edit screen
  • Fixed bug affecting Today when re-opening application from background
  • Dates are more predictable when moving between timezones
  • Increased insulin dosage cap

Diabetes Diary graph
Diabetes Diary Time of Day metrics

Insulin Calculator

  • Support for iOS 4
  • Updated icon
  • Ability to clear values

Insulin Calculator

Diabetes Diary v1.6.2

The current version of Diabetes Diary (v1.6.1) has a bug which means the current date fails to update, resulting in the Today and Last Seven Days lists not updating each time you open the app. This only manifests itself on iOS4 devices which support multitasking – iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and the latest iPod touch. I’ve got an update in approval to resolve the issue and ensure Diabetes Diary behaves properly on multitasking iOS devices.

Diabetes Diary v1.6

UPDATE: Version 1.6.1 is now available in the App Store

After a few small updates I have released version 1.6 of Diabetes Diary which includes the ability to view your history in a grouped list. You can selected to group events by date or time of day (e.g. the same meal or activity).

Diabetes Diary settings

Diabetes Diary grouped events

Tapping on a group in the list will display another list with each glucose reading, carb entry and insulin dose on separate lines so that you can select each individually to get more details and edit them. Deleting a group will delete all the entries at once or you can delete individual entries in the group page.

You can also now see the time range for each time of day in the list. And don’t forget, you can edit this list and add your own by tapping the Edit button at the top.

Diabetes Diary time of day

This release also includes a new icon which should look better with a background image on your home screen. Now that I’ve got an iPhone 4 I can work on updating it to take advantage of the Retina Display :)

Diabetes Diary icon

Diabetes Diary v1.5.1

Well that was quick! Apple have reviewed the latest update to Diabetes Diary in a record (for me at least) 4 days. This release fixes a couple of bugs introduced in version 1.5, including displaying incorrect insulin doses when exported. It also significantly improves the performance of the history list table which should now scroll nice and smoothly :) Following a suggestion (thanks David) I have also included the option of entering your name for display on exported data, which might be useful if you email your results directly to your doctor or diabetes nurse.

Diabetes Diary v1.5

The latest update to Diabetes Diary is now available in the App Store. This is a big update and includes a number of features you have been asking for, along with the usual round of bug fixes and performance improvements. Please note: Diabetes Diary now requires iPhone OS 3.0 or higher so make sure you have upgraded before you update.

In no particular order, here’s what you can expect from v1.5:


You can record carbs (in grams) alongside glucose readings and insulin doses. These appear in history list views but as yet don’t appear in the graphs.

Diabetes Diary carbs

Time of day

Diabetes Diary always allowed for free-text notes to be added to any reading but you can now specify a ‘time of day’ too. I originally described this as the meal associated with the reading but realised it could just as easily be a repeated action or event, such as exercise. As with insulin types there is a default list but you can edit this and add your own as you see fit. Each time of day has an associated start and end time which is used to auto-fill this information when you add a new reading. You can turn this off in the settings if you wish.

Diabetes Diary time of day

Back-up, restore and email

Up until now the only way to back-up your data was to use iTunes (your app settings and documents are backed up when you sync your iPhone / iPod touch) or download a CSV file of your history. In v1.5 the back-up server allows you to download and restore the Diabetes Diary database. The format of the HTML and CSV files is also much improved. Along with this you can now email your history from within Diabetes Diary and there is a setting for a default recipient to save you a few taps. You can email your entire history from the Manage screen or any previous month or the last seven days from their respective summary screens.

Diabetes Diary backup

Everything else

  • Option to display history in reverse-chronological order
  • Default injection site selection
  • Improved history list view which now include carbs
  • Month list is now a nice table
  • Send feedback email from within the app
  • Fixed daylight-saving bugs
  • Fixed CSV file date formatting bug to improve spreadsheet importing

Keep the comments and suggestions coming and I’ll see what I can include in future releases.

Diabetes Diary v1.4

With the release of iPhone OS 3.0, it took longer than I had hoped to release the latest update to Diabates Diary, but its available now.

This update features integrated app settings (many users asked me how to change glucose readings to mg/dL) and fully editable insulin types.

Diabetes Diary - editable insulin types

You can now add your own custom insulin types and set their associated colour which is displayed in lists and graphs. The first type in the list is selected by default so you’ll want to make this the type you use most frequently. A default list of popular types is included which can be reverted back to at any time.

You can also choose to see low and high glucose readings highlighted. The low and high thresholds are set to 4.0 mmol/L (72 mg/dL) and 10.0 mmol/L (180 mg/dL) respectively.

Diabetes Diary v1.3

Version 1.3 of Diabetes Diary for iPhone is now available from the App Store. This update brings the addition of ‘buttocks’ as an injection site option and displays events with notes in the history list view.

Diabetes Diary glucose reading with note

Only a minor update, but I hope v1.4, which should be available next week, will make up for that.

Diabetes Diary v1.2

My latest update to Diabetes Diary is now available for download from the App Store. This release includes some new features in the form of an average 24-hours graph view, keypad support for the Add screen and much improved performance, especially on the List view.

Diabetes Diary average 24-hours graph

The average 24-hours graph is available from the History Summary screen and displays a statistical average for each hour based on glucose readings and insulin doses in that period. A line graph is displayed for glucose (interpolated between where values exist) and a bar graph for insulin. A snapshot can be saved to your photo album.

Diabetes Diary add keypad

Following some feedback I decided to add keypad support to the Add screen so that glucose readings and insulin doses can be added without using the sliders. Tap on the value, it will turn blue to indicate selection and the keypad will slide into view. Values for each digit must be entered so to enter 15.0 units of insulin you need to key in 1 – 5 – 0 when decimal units are enabled in the settings. Once you’re done with the keypad tap the Done key.

Finally I have improved the app’s performance – the List view especially is now much smoother. There are also the obligatory bug fixes.

Diabetes Diary v1.1

I’ve had a great response to Diabetes Diary and thanks to everyone who downloaded it, I hope you’re finding it useful. I’m committed to making improvements to fix bugs and add features and the first update is now available which has a little of both.

Diabetes Diary injection sites view

The new feature comes in the form of a view of injection site distribution. This displays where on the body injections have been administered and can be based on the number of injections or the amount of insulin each site has received. The injection site view is available from the history summary screen for past months and the last seven days.

In addition, version 1.1 adds some more insulin types, increases the range of the glucose reading input selector and includes some bug fixes.

I’m almost done with the next update which I will submitting to Apple within the next week or so. This will bring some much needed performance improvements and some more new features including keypad input of glucose readings and insulin doses, but more on that nearer the time :)

Diabetes Diary for iPhone

Diabetes Diary logo

Over the last couple of months I’ve been learning Objective-C and developing my first (and certainly not my last) iPhone app: Diabetes Diary. At the end of last 2008 I started developing an iPhone-optimised Ruby-on-Rails web app for monitoring my diabetes. I soon realised that while it was a nice way of recording glucose readings, the web-based experience wasn’t ideal and obviously required an internet connection. So I decided to learn Objective-C, build a native application and sign up as an iPhone developer.

I’m proud to say that Diabetes Diary is now available in the iTunes App Store and more information is available at mydiabetesdiary.net.

Diabetes Diary

So what does it do? Diabetes Diary records your blood glucose readings (mmol/L and mg/dL are supported) and insulin doses. You can then look back at your activity and see statistical averages for glucose and insulin for each month and the last seven days and see graphs for these periods. To do more analysis on your history you can download a CSV file to your Mac or PC over a local wifi connection.

Diabetes Diary graph view

Its a simple application and I’ll be waiting on feedback to see how I should develop it further. I certainly don’t expect to make any money from it, although recovering my iPhone dev fees would be nice :)


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