Squared for iPhone and iPod touch

Squared logo

My first iPhone game is now available from the App Store! Its called Squared and is basically an iPhone version of the classic pencil-and-paper game ‘Squares’ (or ‘Dots’). There are four different grid sizes and you can play against the computer and see how many squares you can get on each or play against a friend. You can also play over peer-to-peer using Bluetooth – perfect for the back of a boring lecture which is where I used to play Squares :)

Squared screens

There is also a lite version which is free but doesn’t include peer-to-peer play and is ad-supported. Its free! Give it a try :)

Squared is built using Cocos2D for iPhone framework which I thoroughly recommend for anyone looking at writing iPhone games.

Diabetes Diary for iPhone

Diabetes Diary logo

Over the last couple of months I’ve been learning Objective-C and developing my first (and certainly not my last) iPhone app: Diabetes Diary. At the end of last 2008 I started developing an iPhone-optimised Ruby-on-Rails web app for monitoring my diabetes. I soon realised that while it was a nice way of recording glucose readings, the web-based experience wasn’t ideal and obviously required an internet connection. So I decided to learn Objective-C, build a native application and sign up as an iPhone developer.

I’m proud to say that Diabetes Diary is now available in the iTunes App Store and more information is available at mydiabetesdiary.net.

Diabetes Diary

So what does it do? Diabetes Diary records your blood glucose readings (mmol/L and mg/dL are supported) and insulin doses. You can then look back at your activity and see statistical averages for glucose and insulin for each month and the last seven days and see graphs for these periods. To do more analysis on your history you can download a CSV file to your Mac or PC over a local wifi connection.

Diabetes Diary graph view

Its a simple application and I’ll be waiting on feedback to see how I should develop it further. I certainly don’t expect to make any money from it, although recovering my iPhone dev fees would be nice :)


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